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How can a Mobile Application help scale your real estate business?

In today’s digital revolution, mobile applications have become essential for any business to enhance their digital presence. Specifically, in the real estate world, most people look for listings over the phone since 63% of all realtors publish their listings over social media.

The pros for real estate firms of using mobile applications are not only building trust with potential clients, as in today’s world, having an app shows professionalism, but also:

  • Expand your reach with 24/7 availability, and having an app allows for location-based marketing.
  • Applications allow for filtered searches, saving the prospects’ time
  • Having real-time and up-to-date news at all times,
  • Instant communication, as applications nowadays, often come with built-in AI, which is trained towards your company and can answer customers’ queries. Additionally, it allows for direct messages from clients to someone from your team.
  • Automated tasks such as scheduling appointments and sending details can all be handled by an application on its own.
  • Gather valuable data: applications can help gather data from clients who may have downloaded it, which helps expand your database.
  • Social media integration, where an app can pick up social media posts from your realtors on their social media and list them automatically.
  • An application can include tools for clients to use, such as a mortgage calculator
  • Most importantly, it is a platform to showcase your exclusive listings and portray a positive and professional brand image.

It is important to remember that an app solely depends on a user-friendly interface, high-quality photos (of your listings), and 3D virtual tours!

Investing in an application is something I highly recommend for any business owner. However, I believe it is a must for real estate firms. It is a highly saturated market, and having tools that can make you stand out that tiny bit extra will make clients choose your firm over someone else’s.

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