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How will custom CRM software benefit your business?

With today’s current technology, efficiently managing your customer relationships is essential for business success. Using CRMs has become a very popular tool within organizations (big or small). There are hundreds of options available online, such as HubSpot and Zoho. However, these are built in a ‘fit for all’ aspect and are not tailored to your needs. In this article, I will talk about the benefits of investing in a custom CRM for your business, which should be considered by all business owners.

Using custom CRM software is 100% based on you and what your business requires, such as workflows and industry-specific requirements. An example of what my company has worked on is a custom CRM for a hospital. Imagine you are managing a large hospital with multiple departments; using a generalized CRM would be catastrophic, as they do not feature specific requirements such as places where to store patient data and appointment scheduling, etc. Using a custom CRM also ensures that the software is compatible with your existing systems and processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, as your business expands and grows, so does your CRM. Investing in a custom CRM allows you to extend its uses and what information you want to track precisely. For example, if you need to add new features or re-structure to make it more efficient for a more extensive user base. Custom CRMs are also built so that if your business starts to use new technology introduced after the CRM, it is compatible to integrate with that system. Overall, custom CRM software can easily be customized to whatever you need it to be.

A challenge that is often faced by companies is that their ‘off-the-shelf CRM’ is sometimes too complex for employees to use since they have access to the whole user interface, which makes it very difficult to navigate. Having a custom one allows you to have specific areas of the CRM that employees can access, equipped with very friendly interfaces that align with the employees’ duties and are tailored to their specific needs. This leads to higher adoption rates and will also increase the productivity of your business.

Another key aspect is security and data; many companies have to store sensitive customer data. With a custom CRM, you have a greater control of what data security you want to use such as encryption, access controls, and data backup protocols, these are just a few examples you can implement. Using custom and advanced security features will protect your data from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats, which ensures compliance with your industry regulations and builds trust with your customers.

These are just four key points I value the most in custom CRM software; the list goes on, such as improved customer service, workflow automation, and help with decision-making. Investing in a custom CRM is essential for continued business success. Don’t settle for a standard CRM found online; invest in your business and unlock its full potential.

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